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[IC] Leopold FC700R updated.

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I'm new but how does this start out? I'm interested in a white board + Mx browns :). But would this eventually turn into a  group buy? (Take a long time to process?)


--- Quote from: tinlong117 on Fri, 26 April 2013, 21:49:25 ---Price: 123 usd for blue/brown, 130 usd for red, 125 for black. Weird pricing.
Shipping: 35 usd each board, include tracking.
Color: white, grey, black.
Just show your interest ;)

--- End quote ---

You gettin' these from Cosmic or Hell's? :D

--- Quote from: boost on Tue, 30 April 2013, 07:41:54 ---Does the 700r use the weird spacebar?

--- End quote ---

I'm 99% sure that there isn't an aftermarket spacebar that will fit the Leo's, even though it still uses 6.25x spacebars.

I saw a post a while ago where someone dremeled out a stem from another keycap and hot glued it to the corresponding length (distance from stem-to-stem) on a replacement spacebar.

I bought a Universal Space Bar just to try it with the 700R megaforce sold me. It don't fit. Like he said, you'll have to mod the spacebar somehow. Some said the putty mod would work.


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