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While browsing eBay last night and getting frustrated looking at all the keyboards out of my reach I was struck with an idea. What if we had a club with people registering as proxies from different countries so that if you saw something listed in that country you could get the board shipped to them and then stripped for caps etc. Might sound like sacrilege to some but I see junky old boards all the time with nice caps that I'd love to have but usually the $80 shipping from wherever makes it hard.

What does everyone think? There's a treasure trove of keycaps out there on old typewriters, audio consoles and gaming systems that could probably benefit from this sort of thing as well.

MODS: Apologies if this is in the wrong section, I thought about it for ages but couldn't think of where to put it.

Don't we have this already?

It was fast.

Woops. Guess I must have missed that, sorry!


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