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IC: Top Shelf, Made in the USA, Custom MX 62g Springs (High Spec)

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Update: RL has finally quieted down enough that I can spend some time on this.

I'm going to start the following today and tomorrow (20140326 to short list the manufacturers and as answers to the questions above become available I will share them with the manufacturer):
1. Identify a list of possible manufacturers (to be short listed-later on).
2. Figure out how to write a specification for a spring.

Information that would greatly help this effort:


When I measure the dimensions of a stock cherry clear spring I get the following dimensions:
a. ID = 4.5mm (same for red and black.. the only other stock springs I have on hand)
b. Gauge = .25mm (same for red and black)
c. Uncompressed Length = 13mm.
These measurements were all eyeballed. Anybody have the means to take more accurate measures and confirm/update these results?

I am very curious to know what are the dimensions of the cavity, inside the switch, where the spring sits when the switch top and bottom are assembled. I figure it has to be, at most, just shy of 13mm because the stock clears (the shortest, uncompressed of the bunch that I have: reds, blacks, clears) are somewhat compressed when the switch top and bottom are assembled.

Answered Questions:
  - [Solved by mkawa]: I want to nail down an important part of the definition. When we say 62g are we saying 62g to 2mm (activation) or 62g to bottom?
    62g refers to the "spring rate." In this case it'd be 62g/mm

I finally received a set of 62g springs. I had been using 67g in my clears. Wow! What a difference that 5g makes. 67g area practically unusable (IMHO) compared to the 62gs. That said, I'm still pressing forward with this. mkawa has whetted my appetite for exotic materials and I am going to see if I can't find someone who will make these (high tolerance on ID) out of medical grade spring steel (high tolerances on gauge of the wire, custom alloy). Seriously though: mkawa, your feedback is basically my "shopping list."


I haven't been wowed by any of the off-market springs that I've found. They are not terrible, not great. Kind of MEH, I think.

This would be my very first group buy. I've bought and traded with a number of you guys and check my heatware: I'm not a prolific GHer but that's only because I've got a lot of RL to deal with.

That said... this is a group buy for MX 62g springs only (definitely a popular spring).
And here's what I have in mind:

1. I want really good springs. Tight tolerances on the OD and ID, number of turns, etc.
2. I read up a bit on how the various components of a spring (OD, ID, # active turns, wire diameter etc) determine it's force curve, etc. BUT I would need a guru to get in on this. Please help me recruit one.
3. I want a great quality wire. I don't know which kind of wire (the number of choices are baffling) is "best" in this regard, but I'm hoping that a spring guru can help out here.
4. I want to sell kits of 150 springs (= two 75% kbds or 1 full kbd + plenty of spares).
5. I'm not trying to make any kind of profit of this. I just want the d**n springs made and made well. No cost cutting BS to try and keep margins up.
6. Don't get me wrong here: I have lots of love and tons of admiration for Korean and Japanese products and yet I would like to put the US somewhere on the map here. AND I want them to be exceptional. I mean no joke exceptional: I believe there's plenty of talent everywhere: I just think the US is obviously under-represented here and I would like to remedy this.

The good part: these are springs. I'm pretty sure that 150 of the best springs that we could get can be had a very reasonable price.

You in?

And I'm very motivated w.r.t. the MOQ on wherever these are sourced from and will very aggressively pursue the contract and the GB. If we get close enough I will totally float the rest.

Also... I've never run a GB before so if someone would volunteer, via PM a phone number so that we can talk and hash out the finer points of a GB that would be great.

One thing I'm going to have to insist upon because I want this done and done as quickly as the quality will allow. You don't pay until you're invoiced. You don't want them, don't pay the invoice.
I hate to sound so grouchy about this, but I'm not trying to be: I just seriously, and as humbly as I can say it, don't have the time to provide this GB with this amount of stewardship.

Thoughts, comments, observations?

Anyone know a spring steel/metallurgy guru?



I'm curious--what's the variance in the traditional Korean springs?  Either way, I'd be in, at least to satisfy my curiosity.

I have no advice to offer, but I'd definitely be in regardless of price just for the concept of it I think.

Set of 150 would suck. Do it in sets of 50, 75, 110, and 150.

Pacifist's terse wisdom just helped me understand why I was thinking about 150. It's all about packaging. Cause you know what really sucks? Having to count out X springs * however many people are in the group buy: that sucks. And the suckage -> infinity as X -> 0. MOQ may be determined by what packaging options the manufacturer can provide.

That said, MOQ, price, etc. are all huge unknowns at this point. If I say I'm going to give people X springs I want them to actually get X springs.

In any event, this is all a moot point if we can't find any talent with spring steel.




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