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IC: Top Shelf, Made in the USA, Custom MX 62g Springs (High Spec)

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--- Quote from: korrelate on Tue, 28 January 2014, 00:01:01 ---Pacifist's terse wisdom just helped me understand why I was thinking about 150. It's all about packaging. Cause you know what really sucks? Having to count out X springs * however many people are in the group buy: that sucks. And the suckage -> infinity as X -> 0. MOQ may be determined by what packaging options the manufacturer can provide.

That said, MOQ, price, etc. are all huge unknowns at this point. If I say I'm going to give people X springs I want them to actually get X springs.

In any event, this is all a moot point if we can't find any talent with spring steel.



--- End quote ---

Oh yea that would suck. But if you can get them packaged in 50 and 25 packs, you just give them out in that number. Packaging shouldn't be that much of a cost.

You know what, good point. There's no point assuming anything right now. I will totally ask these questions if we get to that point.



--- Quote from: Pacifist on Mon, 27 January 2014, 23:51:18 ---Set of 150 would suck. Do it in sets of 50, 75, 110, and 150.

--- End quote ---

How do sets of 50 help anyone? Not even enough to cover a 60% board.

At any rate I'm in, tried the standard and limited 62g already so I'd love to try some others.

So... my boards are all full size: I have never bothered to get interested in the number of keys on a 60%, 75%, whatever-other size board is out there. I'm amenable to all ideas at this point though: so just for the sake of it: how many keys does it take to populate a 60% board. 75%, etc?

Update: jesus I just realized that this should be .60X where X = the number of keys on a full size board. If I'm wrong about this please correct me.

the average 60% keyboard has 61 keys (poker); sets of 63 would be perfect


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