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[IC] Sub-$150 2013 Nexus 7, 16gb

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I have a source for the 2013 (newest) model Nexus 7. They are brand new from the manufacturer. Depending on the amount, I can get them, ship them, and warranty them for under $150. I am not sure what kind of interest this would have, but I would probably need at least 20 to make this happen. Let me know your thoughts!

What kind of warranty?

I would cover return shipping (probably US only, but we could probably work something out) on any defective unit, and upon verification, return the purchase cost.

EDIT: This would be for 2 yrs. Again though, this is a brand new, non-defective unit, so I can't imagine that this will be an issue. They are actually warranted from the manufacturer as well.

Does that price include shipping to Canada? :)


--- Quote from: fydo on Sun, 09 March 2014, 22:11:39 ---Does that price include shipping to Canada? :)

--- End quote ---

Do you have any idea how much that might cost? I am located in Ohio, which is not far from the border, so I can't imagine it costs that much.


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