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[IC] ErgoDox double shot DCS set?

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white on black double shot ABS DCS profile for the ergodox.

the idea is to use the standard QWERTY layout with letters and numbers at fixed profiles and have special symbols/punctuation come in multiple different profiles so people can swap them around and still have them in the correct row. the goal is to achieve a board with every keycap marked, looks and feels like a DCS board.

won't be cheap since there will be a lot of extra caps, probably around 100-120 caps.

interested yes, depending on the symbols disposition :)

Maybe, legends depending.

what do people generally use for creating mockups? just photoshop?


--- Quote from: phx on Fri, 21 March 2014, 15:13:46 ---what do people generally use for creating mockups? just photoshop?

--- End quote --- most commonly

I'll edit this in a second with how I had to carry around my layouts from machine to machine

okay so, some of the time I've been able to "save" then choose permalink ... or maybe you have to not save then click permalink it doesn't work all the time for me to share layouts.

But, if you go to the site above, then choose "raw data", then in another tab go here
copy all that gibberish, and paste so to replace the 10-key raw data, then click back on 'properties', you can edit your colors, keys, etc.



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