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looking to find out if we even have enough owners to meet any kind of MOQ.  If you have a dox and would be interested in an aluminum case let me know. i will dedicate thought and time for this if we can get enough people.

to help meet a MOQ i think the design should be full hand since most people have the 'classic' style already. but i am open to whatever interests the most amount of people.

Do you mean that by having a classic case I could use the plate layer with a full hand? If yes and depending on the price I'd be interested.

justnits: - IC - GB R1 Conus only

isn't there an IC turned GB (production) for aluminium/ss case (or sheets)already?
unless yours is a different approach...

I think this for a CNC milled aluminum two-piece plus plate design?

VERY interested in cnc milled case IF it is low profile.


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