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Hello and welcome to the Group Buy for the Adélie!

Photo Album:

As more people should, I take this hobby pretty lightly. The Adélie is named after a type of penguin. I like penguins.
The board layout inspiration comes from a combination of the CA66, my previous board, the 45-ATS, and the TMO50 v1.
The board shape inspiration comes from a combination of the CA66, Elephant S7, and the side "weights" are something that I pulled from the GMK Q100.
There was a lot of interest in the 45-ATS but some people were wishing for the full punctuation. I hear your call - here's my answer.

Sept 26 11am EDT First Comes
First Serve for all vendors
Expected Delivery, April 2021

Duration: One Week

Color options & details:
Black - Silver PVD Brass
Blue - Silver PVD Brass
Red - Gold PVD Brass
White - Gold PVD Brass

Sandblasted Brass Plate
Gasket mount
6 degree typing angle
brass accent weights
Centered USB Port utilizing daughter board
RGB LED Indicators
QMK Enabled
2121 grams fully built with GMK Keycaps


Vendors and Prices:

North America/United States:

Limit: 100 Units Worldwide

Keyboard Kit:            $550 USD
Extra PCB Assembly:  $55 USD
Extra Brass Plate:      $60 USD
Carbon Fiber Plate:    $50 USD
FR4 Plate :                $25 USD


Limit: Unlimited Region Locked, Prices include VAT

Keyboard Kit:             €555 Euro
Extra PCB Assembly:   €55 Euro
Extra Brass Plate:       €60 Euro
Carbon Fiber Plate:     €50 Euro
FR4 Plate :                 €25 Euro


Limit: 100 Units Worldwide

Keyboard Kit:             799 SGD
Extra PCB Assembly:   75 SGD
Extra Brass Plate:       82 SGD
Carbon Fiber Plate:     68 SGD
FR4 Plate :                 34 SGD


Limit: 100 Units, Region locked to AU for 2 days, then opened to Worldwide til GB end, prices include GST

Keyboard Kit:            $827 AUD
Extra PCB Assembly:  $75 AUD
Extra Brass Plate:      $82 AUD
Carbon Fiber Plate:    $68 AUD
FR4 Plate :                $34 AUD

Approved :thumb:

Almost there! Forgive me, what does unlimited region locked mean?

praying i can get this one! thank you abec for such a beautiful board <3


--- Quote from: guybrush on Wed, 23 September 2020, 11:30:02 ---Almost there! Forgive me, what does unlimited region locked mean?

--- End quote ---

While MKEU is not limiting the amount of orders that can be placed with them, they will not be accepting overflow orders from the US or any other region of the other vendors.


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