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The time is finally here! The group buy sales for Cloudline TKL will be going live starting this Saturday, October 9th (see your vendor's details for more specific times). Sales will run for one week until October 16th, or until limits are hit.

UPDATE - CLOUDLINE RESOURCES (Assembly/Disassembly Guide, Plate Files):

Cloudline, F13 TKL

"This board's theme was sparked by feedback from my partner Shannie (as well her contributions of cloud and bird illustrations), which helped to steer the board in the direction that resulted in what it is today.

Almost everything about the Cloudline's physical design adheres closely to the overarching theme - from the side-profile structure to the illustrations, every tiny detail has been meticulously considered. The inspiration for this keyboard's unique side-profile comes from the 'silver lining' at the edge of a cloud, while the various engravings aim to represent symbols of optimism and freedom."


(not my image, please no sue)


* Layout: F13 TKL (88%) WKL / Full
* Mounting: Large 'gummy-worm' O-ring / Top Mount w/ Relief
* Materials: 6063 Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel
* Weight (approx.): 6.2 lbs, unbuilt - Large brass bottom weight, internal polished SS weight frame
* Typing Angle: 6.4 degrees
* Front Height: ~17.9mm board height, 22.4mm EKH
* Price: $585 USD @ Cannon Keys (other regions may vary)
* Units: 650 standard boards
Group Buy: October 9th - October 16th, 2021

As GB date approaches, final times and pricing will be confirmed directly from your local vendors (please see your vendor's site & news outlets for confirmation).

US: CannonKeys, 260 spots, $585 USD

* October 9th, 10:00 AM Eastern for 20 brass spots via Hype checkout (OPEN WORLDWIDE), $800 USD
* October 9th, 11:00 AM Eastern for 260 standard spots via Hype checkout (REGION LOCKED), $585 USD
CA: Deskhero, 65 spots, 769 CAD

* October 9th, 11:00 AM Eastern for 65 standard spots via email raffle queue (Region Locked)
EU:, 65 spots, 590 (BE VAT inc)

* October 9th, 17:00 CEST for 65 standard spots via raffle (Region Locked)
UK: Proto[typist], 25 spots, 519 inc VAT, 432.5 ex VAT

* October 9th, 16:00 BST for 25 standard spots via FCFS (Region Locked)
AS: ILUMKB, 170 spots, 829 SGD

* Oct 9th, 16:00 CST (China) for 75 standard spots via FCFS on ILUMKB CN site (Region Locked)
* Oct 10th, 16:00 SGT for 95 standard spots via FCFS on ILUMKB site (REGION LOCKED FOR 10 MIN)
AU: Daily Clack, 65 spots, $865.6 AUD

* October 10th, 11:00 AM AEDT for 65 standard spots via FCFS (Region Locked)


Please see vendor pages for pricing, as exchange rates, imports, and fees may cause prices to vary.

Colors Available

* Overcast Silver (Silver / Silver)
* Dystopia Red (Red / Silver)
* Serene Blue (Navy / Silver)
* Moonlight Gray (Dark Gray / Silver)
Standard Keyboard Kit

* Cloudline Keyboard
* Top Case
* Bottom Case
* Brass weight
* SS internal frame
* Solder PCB with Daughterboard and JST cable
* Aluminum Full Plate (Black)
* Hardware
* Custom Feet
* Hard foam carrying case
* 70a O-Ring
* Microfiber cloth
Extras Available (expand)

* Daughterboard + Cable
* 50A O-ring
* 30A O-ring
* Extra Set of Feet

* FR4 Full Plate
* Aluminum Full Plate
* Aluminum Half Plate
* Brass Full Plate
* Polypropylene Full Plate
* Polypropylene Half Plate
* Polycarbonate Full Plate
* POM Half Plate
* POM Full Plate, ISO (protoTypist only)
* Aluminum Full Plate, ISO ( only)
* Polycarbonate Full Plate, ISO ( only)


This timeline will be updated as more information becomes available.

* Group Buy: October 9th - 16th
* Shipping: Est. Q4 2022


I highly encourage you to reach out in each vendor's individual Discord servers if you have small questions that aren't answered here - especially if they are region specific. Some who may know the answers to your questions will likely be able to help you a lot quicker.

* Cannon Keys:
* Deskhero:
* protoTypist:
* Daily Clack:
Otherwise, a FAQ section couldn't hurt...

Q: Have WK?
A: Yes

Q: When will this project run?
A: Oct 9th, 2021

Q: Vendors?
A: See pins for vendor list.

Q: GB format?
A: Vendors will determine sale format. Region locks are planned, but will be lifted after some time. For questions, please see your pertaining vendor's Discord / website for information.

Q: How many units will there be?
A: 650 total spots.

Q: 'Special' Edition?
A: 20 limited brass spots (sandblasted, UV coated) available exclusively at Cannon keys.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: See your respective vendor for confirmation on these details.

Q: Can I have a spot?
A: I have decided from very early on that I don't want to 'pick and choose' people to get F&F spots, and I don't want people to feel like they need to be doing things to earn brownie points for boards. There is a subjective scale and a gray area between being a supporter, friend, etc. - I don't want to go through the stress of having to pick some people as 'friends' and leaving some people out, so only friends I know IRL, or am working with will be able to pick up a Cloudline. No "simping" as it doesn't increase your RNG.

Q: Can I buy prototypes?
A: No plans right now.

Q: What colors will be avail?
A: All bottoms will be silver. Tops available in silver, blue, red, very dark gray.

Q: When is this shipping?
A: Usual GB lead time applies, current estimate is Q4 2022.

Q: Are certain colors limited?
A: No, all colors for aluminum tops are unlimited.


Approved :thumb:

took the L

All the colors are looking great! Not sure if my boring self is attuned to the Silver/Silver or what.

Long time no update, not wanting to be the one to repeatedly share "no new updates" over the past several months. Cloudline spent most of its time in the manufacturing queue over the past half year (when everyone wants to use the 'high-end' manufacturer I guess that's what happens). At last, we've exited the queue and gone into production last month. The projected completion time for manufacturing is in late August. Fingers crossed that the updates speed up from here!


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