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[GROUP BUY #2] what about a Noppoo Choc Mini? targeting 89.99 usd + 10$ shipping

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I order my PLU-7 with EMS and got it in 6 days.

My mistake.  I was quoted $95 with China Post shipping, which takes 2-4 weeks (usually around 4 from posts I read).  EMS was $115, so about $20 more.  If I remember correctly, EMS was estimated to take 7-10 days.

So if they are telling you 14-30 days for a shipping estimate, it sounds like they are using China Post, or something equivalent.  In that case it looks like the ~$100 including shipping may not be any better than buying it individually via a good agent.

@Noodle, congrats man, I hope you are enjoying it, btw if you are still looking for a poker, u can check out my thread in the classified

thanks for reminding me this, I will keep working on this and hopefully I will bring a good resolution these days, btw, if you didn't buy your choc mini, would you wait until? thanks

I'm still up in the air about buying a Choc Mini.  I really like the layout, but think the quality could probably be a bit better, and would prefer a US distributor, or a similar model keyboard from, say, Leopold. I'm also still waiting for a couple of Poker's.  I can be patient so I might just wait to see what else comes out, although it could be quite a while.

Aight cool.  In my thread I still have 2browns and a red left if u are interested. Stock is already in us and we can go through eBay if u feel safer this way


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