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[IC] DCS Korean (Rework in Progress...)

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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to share a project I started working on recently and see if anyone was interested in it as well

I wanted an Alps keyset with Hangul/Korean sublegends, but I don't think there are many besides some old Goldstar (now LG?) boards and a board called the JINPOONG Foldable. I tried looking around but the only thing I found was a listing on MechMarket made 5 years ago. I thought it would be pretty cool to "modernize"  it and try to run it in DCS. I also like beige :^)

JINPOONG Foldable (진풍 폴더블)

Couldn't find images of the Goldstar besides the mm listing :[

IC Form
IC Form #2
IC Form #3
IC Form #4

Updated Kitting (Mostly finalized? Open to suggestions)

Base Kit

Extensions Kit

Keys marked with an X (or in the red) are shine-through keys

I'm also hoping for doubleshot ABS but it seems that SP does not offer a lot of molds for sublegends, so if doubleshot ABS doesn't work out this project will probably run as dye-sub PBT (or just not run lol).
Good news! SP has the molds for double shot Korean sublegends for DCS!

Manufacturer: Signature Plastics
Profile: DCS, 1-1-2-3-4-4
Material: Doubleshot ABS
Colors: SP stock colors

Pricing does not include any vendor fees yet (I also refuse to make money off of this set).
Base kit: ~$133 per set @ 50MOQ, ~$109 per set @ 100 MOQ.
Extension: ~$36 @ 50MOQ, ~$28 @ 100MOQ
Alphas: $36 @ 50MOQ, $23 @ 100MOQ

8/22/2023: Getting updated quotes for base and extension kit.
8/23/2023: Quotes updated

Currently asking for quotes with MX compatibility or dye-sub PBT. I will also reach out again for just the Korean alphas kit because doubleshot ABS is possible. Update below.

Other notes and thoughts:
I was considering making this just an alphas kit, as I was hoping it could match with paulgali's DCS 9009, but with concerns regarding sublegend molds and possibly going with dye-sub PBT, I just decided on a full kit as I'm not sure how well SP stock colors (from ABS and PBT) match each other.

As this is my first "project" (and post), I would appreciate any feedback and help to get this going (how to best split the kitting up, any missing keys, which icons to use for mods and where to find them, general overall feedback, etc.)

Thanks for checking this out! :D

8/1/2023 Update:
- Good news! SP does have the molds for doubleshot Korean sublegends in DCS from a project they did "some years ago". The prices for the whole base kit have been listed for 50 and 100 MOQ. I am currently asking for quotes regarding MX stems and dye-sub PBT (but I'll probably stick with ABS). I am also asking for what font they used for the Hangul sublegends.
- There are some small issues with the kitting however. First, SP does not offer convex keys in DCS, so the 3 Alice bars (2.75u, 2.25u, and 2u spacebars) will have to be concave instead of convex. The BAE will need text on the bottom and regular ISO enter keys will need text on the upper portion, but I think those are standard and just my errors in KLE.
- I will try to reach out to paulgali and see if I can get the same Stock color codes he used for 9009 so that this could just be an alphas kit. Woops, forgot that they were on his IC

8/10/2023 Update:
- Trying to fix mistakes in base kit (thanks for pointing them out yall!), will submit for an updated quote ASAP
- Got quotes for MX stems, dye-sub, and alphas only. MX: same pricing as alps, just separate MOQs; Dye-sub: $137 @ 50MOQ, $120 @ 100MOQ; Alphas only: $36 @ 50MOQ, $23 @ 100MOQ.
- Based on the quotes, will probably not run this set as dye-sub
- Will likely make one separate kit (extensions) for macro column, windowed keys, and R5
- Need someone to make renders lol, send suggestions (but to be fair it's just beige)
- Linked a new IC form pls fill out
- Looking for vendors

8/22/2023 Update:
- Decided to move BAE to the extensions kit :( BUT it will have the proper support in that kit.
- Added 4-key 40s support to base kit
- Made an extensions kit for more support of older boards
- Still need help with renders (it's still just beige/9009)
- Still need a vendor
- Eggplant for you as well Mr. Blacksimon

9/8/2023 Update:
- Still no vendors
- Still no renders
- Ngl sets postponed :( alps dead, dcs dead, not worth enough for vendors to take on. o7

10/12/2023 Update:
- Eh why not I'm gonna try to get this going again
- New IC form
- DCS good.
- Still no vendors or renders but I have hope

11/26/2023 Update:
- No Gorton/WYSE legends, only Cherry :(
- dcs still good
- vendor waiting room
- will just be rendered as a gmk set, dcs and cherry are kinda close so will just be following suit of dcs pingmaster renders

I like DCS but donít use alps. Would buy if there was a mx version  :cool:

no offence to your work but iím sick to death of beige alps sets. almost every set since dcs alps yuri has been beige. will we ever see colors again?


--- Quote from: shallot on Sun, 30 July 2023, 23:37:34 ---no offence to your work but iím sick to death of beige alps sets. almost every set since dcs alps yuri has been beige. will we ever see colors again?

--- End quote ---

I'd love to do a colorful Alps set but I'm just worried that a certain colorway could be too polarizing and the set won't reach MOQ 😅 I also wanted to stay true to the older boards this set was "inspired" by. Also beige good

--- Quote from: Neely_12 on Sun, 30 July 2023, 23:28:33 ---I like DCS but donít use alps. Would buy if there was a mx version  :cool:

--- End quote ---

Heard and currently considering after seeing some of the other responses on the IC form. I would love to run this as an alphas only kit so it can be used with paulgali's 9009 but I'm still waiting on a response from SP regarding doubleshot ABS vs dyesub PBT (to see if this could match with DCS 9009).
Also concerned about running this when there is GMK Classic Beige + Hangul, but if people are set on DCS, I'd be happy to try to run this as both Alps and MX as well

oh and reserved I guess


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