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[IC] Ohio/Fort Wayne, IN Keyboard Meetup 2024


Hey, long time since I've tried to host a meetup on geekhack but figured it was worth a shot to organize a space in the Midwest for a keyboard meetup! If there is a preexisting discord feel free to send me the link. Was hoping to host one depending on the size starting from smallest venue to largest: (2-25 People) 1820 Brewworks Kalida, OH, (15-50 People) The MET Lima, OH, (61 people and up) Somewhere in Fort Wayne TBD. Simply reply if you want in or have suggestions!

I know there's an Ohio MK Discord that had a meetup a few weeks ago (I think in Columbus). I'm in Michigan and thought about going but wasn't able to. I'd definitely be interested if there's another one in IN or OH.

Hey, there's usually an annual meetup in Columbus, and another in Detroit once a year. Many people in FW or other parts of Indiana likely travel to Chicago for meetups.

Considering you're in Ottawa, we may be able figure out a meetup in Toledo or Fort Wayne

Def would be interested in a FW meetup! With A toddler and newborn it is much harder to travel haha.


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