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SxM Designs:

Interest Check Form(Archeological excavations take a long time but I have kept the IC form short and would be really grateful if you could spend a couple of minutes to give me some feedback.)


"Man, know yourself... and you shall know the gods."

The inspiration from this set comes from the great pyramids of Giza and the ancient Egyptian Civilization. We decided to use two simple yet meaningful colors for the people of ancient Egypt.                                                                       

Black (Ancient Egyptian name "kem") : It the color of the fertile silt left by the Nile during its annual flooding giving rise to the Ancient Egyptian name for the country - "kemet" (black land). Black symbolizes fertility, new life/beginnings and resurrection.
The gods were typically represented with gold skin with an exception of Osiris who is depicted with black skin symbolizing fertility, regeneration, and the underworld where the sun was said to regenerate every night.                                             
It was made from carbon, ground charcoal, mixed with water and sometimes burnt animal bones.                                                                                                                                                                         

Yellow/Gold (Ancient Egyptian name "khenet" and "kenit"/"nebu" or "nebw") : It repesented the color of women's skin, as well as the skin of people who lived near the Mediterranean. Gold also represented the skin of the gods and the sun itself.                 
Hence it was used for anything which was considered eternal or indestructible and perfect. The ancient Egyptians made numerous statues of the gods that were either made of gold or covered with gold leaf.                                                           
They also made yellow pigments such as yellow ochre (an ore of iron) and massicot (an oxide of lead).                                                                                                                                                                 

Sublegends : Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

We used the reference from the Australian Museum. Link :                                                                                                                                                                                                     

After a thorough excavation of the area around the Great pyramids of Giza, we decided on the following kits to represent this set. Changes will be made depending on opinions and request. So, please fill up the IC and leave us feedback.

Kemet aka Base Kit
Numpad Kit
Obelisk aka Spacebars
40s Kit (Approved by the 40s community discord)
International Kit

Ancients aka Novelties

R1 1u : Mask of Tutankhamun , 1U : Queen Nefertiti , 1U : Osiris                               
R1 1u : Anubis, 2U : Sphinx                                                                     
R2 1u : Horus , ISO Enter : Cartouche of Ramses II (Prenomen)                                   
R3 1u : Osiris, 1.75U Eye of Ra and Horus with Ankh, 2.25U Scarab                               
R4 1u : Mummy in Sarcophagus, 1.25U Hieroglphics (2 styles), 1.5U Hieroglyphics                 

Disclaimer : The colors you see here and in the renders are a very close representation of the actual physical colors (GMK stock color ring and RAL D2 design plus book). Please be aware that physical colors cannot be replicated in web space. The colors also vary from screen to screen. I would color match to the best of my abilities.
Color codes
Main      : GMK CR                                               
Legends   : RAL 070 70 60 - An elegant shade of gold.           


Kohaku65 by Singa kbd.   



Iron165 by Smith+Rune.   



Nemui by Bachoo.


Dalco 959 Mini by Hand Engineering.



U80-A by Rama Works.


Paragon by Artemis Design Studios.


Pheonix WK + Numpad by Cable Car Designs.

Archaeological excavation complete!
Artifact 1 : Giza Nights

Artifact 2 : Ankh

EU      :                   
NA      : TBD                             
Norway  : Mekanisk (           
Canada  :                     
Asia    : Ilumkb                           
China   : KBDFans                         
Oceania : DailyClack                       
   GB Date : Q2-Q3 2021

I am pleased to announce the D60Lite collab with KBDFans, a gasket mounted affordable keyboard. I hope you guys like it!

KBDFans D60Lite X GMK Pharaoh LINK

More info on prices and specs will follow close to the launch date.

For updates to this current project and future ones, please join our discord and follow us over Instagram at the links below. We would really appreciate it.

If you want to support this project please add this signature and spread the word. Thanks  :thumb:To add a signature go to Profile -> Modify Profile -> Forum Profile -> Signature
Specials thanks to NoPunIn10Did, Pwad3 and LittleAad for all the kiting help! Also cant thank enough Dr. Ratsby and the entire 40s community for checking out the 40s kitting.

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SxM Designs:

Im not sure if these sublegends are possible with doubleshot and GMKs current tooling. Will they be uv/pad printed?

double shot hieroglyphics or no?

Just go to gb already.... I want it


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