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Strange/alt layouts.

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Infinite north:
I have been looking for some different key layouts. I'll post some of what I have up here. any additions would be welcome.

I am holding back a few for now, just to let others post.

When I was prototyping (pun, ha ha) custom keyboard arrangements, the flat Maltron arrangement was quite uncomfortable compared to the Kinesis curved bowls. Maltron uses Cherry blacks in their one-handed keyboards. I don't know if that executive keyboard uses blacks, too.

I never saw a t box keyboard before.

That Wolf King disk keyboard arrangement intrigues me, but I vomit each time I type on one, because of the rubber dome squishy feel. The Wolf King version with a full keyboard attached SEEMED to have an acceptable key feel, but I've never found a display where I could type on a WK disk and full at the same time for A/B comparison.

Kinesis with Cherry browns is my perfect keyboard. In part because there's plenty of room for modding.


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Wow this thread just caught your attention, huh?

How fast can you actually type on the datahand webwit?  And how often to you use it?


--- Quote from: webwit;185300 ---I haven't measured my speed for a while but it should be over 80wpm (my speed last time I checked). In any case, fast enough and faster than I can think. It is my daily driver. Some things are sooo fast. For example, I push my left thumb slightly to the right (Ctrl), right index finger up (L), left middle finger right (g), right thumb down (Tenkey shift), left index finger down (arrow down), left thumb left (Return) and address bar completion took me faster to geekhack than any other method including the mouse to click a bookmark icon. And my hands did not move.
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Damn, just nuts!

I like the wireless mod(some previous thread) btw, funny how your desk has nothing on it now, it looks so strange...



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