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I recently purchased a used Kinesis Classic; I am still trying to get used to the new layout, however my main problem with the board is the use of Cherry Browns. I have a somewhat limited experience, however I believe that blue switches are more to my taste. What switches are used in the more modern of the Kinesis contoured range?

I guess with a name like unicomp, no surprise that you'd prefer clicky.  To my more limited knowledge Kinesis are only in yummy chocolate flavor.  Is the touch too soft for you or you just really miss the clicky?

You could mod it to use blues . .

I think that my opinion is somewhat skewed by my new-found inability to exceed about 40 wpm using the slightly new layout, however I find that there is less tactility than I am used to (perhaps).

I am unsure as to whether this is attributable to the wear of the old board, however it feels rather linear in response, not something I am immediately taken by.

If you find the force graphs, the tactile bump on browns is less perceivable.  Yes, I've read older cherry browns have less tactility.  I'd have to search, but someone on here compared really worn cherry browns to po' man cherry reds.

As for modification, I could certainly, given the ability to obtain the parts, give it a go. I note that a user has done exactly the transformation mentioned with some ease, however it required purchasing some parts from Kinesis (hopefully still available) and the switches themselves (I do not know where to purchase these).

I am only really considering this because the typing position is quite nice, if I can become proficient with the keyboard then I am sure that it will be nice to work with in future.


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