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kinesis and nkro.

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Infinite north:
Could anyone fill me in on what kinesis boards have diodes. I have done some searches on the forum and google, all I decided is that some of them do. It looks like the newer Advantage boards have nkro but I am not sure about the rest of their mechanical product line.

Only the Contoured line is mechanical. The Maxim and Freestyle are rubber dome.

Infinite north:
Yeah, I understand that they only make one style of mechanical keyboard. what I am asking is what variations are there in the various renditions of that one model.

[*][discontinued] Contour Essential MPC (Model KB130MPC QWERTY) = ADB  & AT

Dvorak and QWERTY are just firmware settings. The hardware remains the same and thus the NKRO traits do as well.

Advantage (USB) and Advantage Pro should be the same model with more flash and a lock switch in the Pro. The Advantage USB is NKRO as far as the USB spec allows. Or at least I've yet to find a key combo that trips it up in less than that. (Aside from the '=' key + certain letters which change mode.) That being the case, I assume the Advantage PS/2 model is NKRO without the USB limitations.


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