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Dvorak to qwerty adapter (any interest?)

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I've been playing with Dvorak and was thinking about how it is fine once the
OS loads but until the n the computer is pretty much in QWERTY mode.

so it got me thinking about a Dvorak to qwerty adapter,
I saw one on line but it was around $90

It got me wondering if it would be worth building one up and
maybe have it dip switch settable for other layouts as well.

Just something I have been rolling over in my mind
and wondering f it was worth further planning on.

Thank you

Seems like it would more or less be an extremely niche device. How often are you typing outside of the OS? BIOS doesn't exactly need anything outside of a handful of keys. I suppose it could be useful in a recovery console or some such, but it still seems to be quite limited in practicality. The main function would seem to be to use Dvorak / alternative layouts without the need for OS configuration, but that's also solved with a Dvorak keyboard. (Granted those are few and far inbetween.)

For me I'd probably use it a lot since I remote into a lot of boxes.

Also anytime I reload my OS from backup (that I do fairly often) it would be a help

Morning Song:
I'd love one, personally.

If by remote in, you mean SSH into them from a primary box, then it'd be sufficient to have the box you're on set to Dvorak.

On the backup side of things, so long as the backup is made with the Dvorak setting in place, then it's no issue. ;)


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