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sofa king: Interesting, I know the TrackPoint IV has special drivers, and maybe it's not working over USB, because (IIRC) all TP4s connect over PS/2.

Thanks for the tip with the driver. I didn't have to install anything so it probably comes with XP. But maybe there is something newer around, I'll have a look.

Do you have a ps/2 to usb adapter? If yes, could you please make a test with your M13 and your Endurapro?

My EnduraPro is native USB (and besides, Unicomp's pointing sticks aren't real TrackPoints,) and my M13 has a TrackPoint II, so it's not really relevant

(Interestingly, though, the M13's TrackPoint only worked on one of my USB adapters.)

And, yes, there is a barebones TrackPoint IV driver included with Windows.

Anyway, I just realized, there WAS a keyboard with a TrackPoint IV, that connected over USB. Try this driver:

Thanks for the driver, I think it was a touchpad driver though. I found a similar one called tp4usb142.exe. Still doesn't work. Maybe it's the same problem with Model Ms needing those active converters. Maybe I should get one of those. Or maybe I'll go the ps/2 route, depends a bit on the Cherry G80 I just ordered. Even then I'd prefer having a usb option.

Edit: Which was the adapter type/brand your M13 trackpoint worked with?

Edit 2: Got it now, UltraNav = touchpad + trackpoint. Didn't work either though.

The adapter that my M13 worked with was a Bytecc BT-2000.

It did not work with my Belkin F5U119vE1, however. (The keyboard worked, the TrackPoint didn't.)

I'm going to guess that this thing is extremely picky, and may need to have a second +5VDC power source spliced in from somewhere. Actually, something you might try, to see if it is that (the Model M13 runs both the TrackPoint and keyboard off of the same power - I can plug just the TP2 in, and the keyboard lights up) is plug the keyboard into PS/2, but the TrackPoint into USB. Or, even, plug them into separate USB adapters.


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