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Anyone have experience with this trackball?

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I found this while browsing Amazon.

I have not heard of that particular brand but it looks intriguing. Anyone here have used this?

ione also makes the scorpius m10 (with the blue cherries).  There've been complaints about quality though.

right, I read that somewhere. Here probably. What caught my attention was that the mouse keys are tactile. Amazon had one instance of this mouse, but newegg did not.
The price is good, at least compared to the kensingtion expert, which is a fine trackball.

best trackball i ever used was this logitech model (attached). (sadly I no longer remember the model number). It totally cured my RSI.  I switched to a regular mouse a while back though (a logitech mx400 - love it tho its very simple). I'm pretty sure this trackball is discontinued.

I have that mouse. Its the logitech trackman marble +
Thats a great mouse and yes it is discontinued.
I use the kensingtion expert and really like it, it can be used with either hand and I have mine on the left hand side of the keyboard.


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