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The ergonomic keyboard you would buy?

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As it showed up in a different thread, modern keyboards have inherited a layout designed to overcome limitations of first mechanical typewriters.

However, ergonomically designed keyboards (for instance: Maltron), have not achieved much success because people look at them as "weird". Standard keyboards, more or less splitted, but still with "one way" staggered keys and rubber dome switches are considered to be hands savers.

How much "weirdness" would you get from an ergonomic keyboard? Simmetrically staggered keys (like uTron)? More keys for the thumbs? Foot pedals?

Personally, I'd love a keyboard like a Maltron, I just wouldn't want to have to pay for it.


--- Quote from: timw4mail;115904 ---Personally, I'd love a keyboard like a Maltron, I just wouldn't want to have to pay for it.
--- End quote ---

Well, a cheaper licensed replica exists, clocking at 175 USD:

However, it seems it's not currently available.

I'm adding another question: are there any issues "ve not mentioned that you'd like to fix in current standard keyboards or you would like to have in your dream keyboard?


One thing that has always bugged me about those ergo split boards is they never have the middle keys from both sides of the board on both sides.  Some will have y on one side and some will have it on the other.  Why not have it on both?  That's the reason I'll never buy one of those boards.

My only real complaint with current keyboards is the placement of Caps Lock, so that it is too easy to hit when you just want to use shift.

I do see how a finger-length adjusted keyboard, like the Maltron, or the Kinesis Advantage would really make a comfort difference, but beyond that, I'm not really that dissatisfied with the comfort of my keyboards.


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