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One-Handed Keyboard Prototypes

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Half-Keyboard Computer from IBM Almaden Research Center - 1997

QuadTri Pad - 2008

It's curious that MS toyed with the idea. I've always been interested in trying a dual pad like that or the Frogpad, I wonder how efficient one can become with them.

The different size keys on the Quadipad probably makes it easier to remember which keys are which by feeling them, but it probably creates more guesswork and groping in between key presses methinks.

What could you possibly want a one-handed keyboard for?

Oh wait...


I think the FrogPad looks the best.

and then there's this awesomeness to go with it:

but there's always one-handed Colemak.

For a little while I tried one-handed typing on normal QWERTY, hand centered on F-J.

Everybody knows that Maltron has the best one-handed layouts :p


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