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Mechanical Keyboards UK meetup 2.0!

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the pokemon kid:
Hi All,

To any of you from the UK or perhaps those who want to UK based meetup. Myself and the other admin have started putting up the forms for the polling for event.

The first poll can be found here as well as the information needed to vote.

Please pass this on or tag the users into this thread if you think they might be interested!

Also, if you haven't checked out our subreddit please go and have a look!

the pokemon kid:
Hi All,

So the first location poll is coming to a close shortly! We will be closing this poll on Sunday and then opening the next poll on Monday!

If you haven't already, please fill this poll out! Have your say where the next meetup will be!

/Looking for females dense locale..

Hopefully somewhere close to London---


--- Quote from: PollandAkuma on Fri, 10 March 2017, 14:38:49 ---Hopefully somewhere close to London---

--- End quote ---

where do the females congregate in london


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