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Left Handed Cherry Blues?

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Hi everyone, I wanted to know if there are any Cherry MX Blues for lefties, preferably Mac, but not neccesary.

Thank You

Thank You

At MacWorld last year, a friend of mine put me in front of one of those lefties with Cherry browns, challenged me to name the feel. I didn't have the vocabulary I have now, but I correctly identified the touch as the same as my Kinesis Contour.

I didn't do a Ricercar Flex™, but these lefty keyboards do have a solid satisfying feel.

Mental Hobbit:
What's wrong with the standard layout? I think it's actually much more convenient for lefties than for right handers. The numpad is simple enough for me to operate with the weak hand at high speed, and on the right side it doesn't get in the way of the mouse, which seems to be common problem for right handers. Navigation keys right are great too, I never have to move my left off the mouse when using them.

YMMV of course, but for my lefty needs the standard layout is just perfect.

Numpad on left allows handwriting with right hand while number crunching.

I mouse on left at work to allow writing notepad on right.


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