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2017 Boston Meetup - July 15th


Slash Emperor:
Hey folks, just wanted to let you know about next month's Boston meetup. The host isn't active here on GH, so he wanted me to throw up a quick announcement thread for anyone interested.

After having a blast at the meetup last December, we're having another Boston meetup!

Date: July 15th
Location: Cambridge Hackspace - 438R Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA
Time: 1pm
RSVP link for anyone interested in going.
Meetup Discord for all questions, contributions, or just saying "Hi" to the folks planning on going.

We currently have a few things planned for the meetup, including the following:

* Raffle - Huge shoutout to the good folks at,,, and all the individuals for their donations to the raffle. It's going to be a great one this year, with boards,
 kits, and artisans!
* Laser Cutter Demo - Since we're at the Hackspace, this is a perfect place and opportunity to show the work that goes into cutting plates for building boards from scratch!
* Switch ID Game - Think you know your switches by feel alone? Step on up and try to correctly ID an assortment of switches in a blind test, winner gets a small price and title as "King/Queen of the Feels".
Also, our generous hosts at the Hackspace said that it's okay to bring some brews to this, so long as y'all don't get too crazy. Keyboards and beer definitely sound like a winning combination to me.

For any other details, feel free to check the Discord and ping /u/t0rk on Reddit. For additional details, here's the /r/mk thread for the meetup.

Just commenting to say I am coming :thumb:

Slash Emperor:

--- Quote from: DanB on Mon, 19 June 2017, 19:32:00 ---Just commenting to say I am coming :thumb:

--- End quote ---

Awesome, hope you have a great time!

I found out the other day that a business trip has come up with work, so I can no longer make it (really bums me out). I'll be there in spirit, though.


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