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Hey guys :3 cKeys is hosting our third Seattle mechanical keyboard meetup on the 22nd of this month! We already have over 100 people who have RSVPed (thankies thankies bunches!) and we have even more keyboards to touch this time around! If you're planning to attend and bring a keyboard (or a few), please RSVP using this link: You must must MUST RSVP if you plan to bring a board! If you try to enter without having filled out this form, it's no bueno!

The meet up will be taking place at the Living Computer Museum in SODO Seattle. Please know that if you don't RSVP and bring a keyboard, the cost of entry into the museum itself is $12.00. The event will go from 1:30pm to 4:30pm but we also have a few speakers attending who will be doing Q&A panels. You might recognize some of them! The panels will go from 11:00am to 1:00pm and here's the lineup:

Aproximate Start Time | Speaker | Topic
11:00 | /u/BingeCaps | Artisan Keycaps and casting
11:25 | /u/Evangs | Small keyboards and keyboard design
11:50 | /u/jchan94 | Running groupbuys and organizing small-scale manufacturing
12:15 | /u/thebeephaha | Designing for non-enthusiasts and large-scale manufacturing
12:40 | Q&A panel |

Top Clack and MechMerlin are going to be livestreaming and will record the talks for all to watch, but for those who can attend, you should! We will be having giveaways between talks ;)

This meet up will also have our biggest giveaway to date! Check out the list of sponsors:

More details about giveaway prizes will be posted in the coming weeks as we get closer to the meet up. Your RSVP is your entry into the giveaway! If you don't RSVP, you won't be entered (so you should bring a keyboard and RSVP). If you need to change your RSVP, you can update it later.

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

So sad to miss this after seeing how awesome KeyCon was! GL with the meet up Kelly!

Thanks! It'll be fun :3 I'm curious what the photobooth will be like with everyone hehe.

Hyyyype it's gonna be so much fun

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--- Quote from: Kellybear on Sun, 02 July 2017, 14:34:07 ---Thanks! It'll be fun :3 I'm curious what the photobooth will be like with everyone hehe.

--- End quote ---

lol I'm sure the photo booth will be a hit! So many keyboard selfies to be had!


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