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For frogs out there: Paris Meetup #3 - Success!

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Salut à tous !

The next Paris meetup is next Friday! Wow!

This third edition will happen at 1000mercis (28 rue de Châteaudun, Paris 9), from 6PM to the end of the evening.

Those who can't be there are 6PM can come later, of course.

Register yourself here:

The first two meetups were such a success, we had to do another one before it's been a year! I am really grateful to all of you who were here the last time, that was a crazy evening; I hope we will be able to do even better this time!

But for that, I need your help! I'm on the hunt for talks and activities, so please send me a message if there's anything you could do!

You can find previous meetups pictures here:


* 1000mercis - livestream, pizzas and beer!
* Cooler Master - expect a few surprises... :)
* You or your company? Reach me out!

Joyeux 14 juillet, et à la semaine prochaine !

3rd meetup successful. :D

All the pics:

I read that France is the skinniest European nation..   only 40% overweights,  vs 73% in the USA.

it would explain all them good looking females.. hahahahah..


--- Quote from: ramnes on Wed, 26 July 2017, 12:04:19 ---3rd meetup successful. :D

All the pics:

--- End quote ---
Why do you guys like Cyrillic layouts so much?

Actually it's just me, kinda. All the Cyrillic boards on those pics are mine except one...  :rolleyes: ;D

And why? Because OG Cherry stuff is life.


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