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Vienna Meetup November 26th


From the reddit thread:

Facebook group:
Date: Sunday, November 26th
Time: 4pm
Place: Metalab Vienna, great many thanks to Member /u/anlumo
Address: Rathausstraße 6, 1010 Wien, Austria
It is not required to bring a board, beginners and longstanding enthusiasts are equally welcome.
If you have keyboards and related accessory to show off, even better. Bring as much stuff as you want to! In case you want to sell or trade some stuff, feel free to bring it. It should not be the main reason for you to come however.
Softdrinks/Mate/beer will be available at the MetaLab, make sure to have enough cash on you. Details regarding food will follow. (suggestions appreciated)
We will have generous sponsors this time too:
/u/candykeys (who will hopefully come in person again)
Further details will follow, i appreciate any input from the community, especially people who intend to attend. (just comment here, or send me a PM) this thread will be continuously updated, so stay tuned!


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