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Is there anyone? Or I will have to make my own?

There's a few, but most are OOP.

IBM M15 (Good luck finding this one)
Northgate Evolution
Reveal Something-or-Other
Cherry Ergo-Plus (another one that's hard to find)
uTron (These are in production, but you would have to import one from Asia, and they are about $500)


--- Quote from: Necroleachate;173450 ---Is there anyone? Or I will have to make my own?
--- End quote ---

I really liked the old DataDesk Smartboard (ADB model), and about 8 years ago I bought their USB version, but at the time they changed the plastic from platinum to a semi-translucent white, and it was much more brittle.  It wasn't long before several of the keycaps cracked under normal use (near the stem).  I wrote to them, and they sent me replacement keycaps.  It looks like they've since changed their plastic:

I also want to say the keyswitch they used changed between the old ADB version and the USB version, but I haven't tried a side-by-side in quite some time (and when I last had them both out was before I really became very cognizant of keyswitch brands and types).

Their front page also has this at the bottom:

"SmartBoard II - Coming Soon!  Our most sought-after product is getting even better. Every key re-definable w/o software, USB 2.0 Hub, and much more. Call 1-888-446-3222 or email for information."

Interesting.  I hope they build it well.

I forgot about the Smartboard.  That "Smartboard II..." message has been there for about a year or so.  I wouldn't get too excited about it.

The Apple Adjustable is another, but most people around here that have used it didn't like it.  Most of the split ergo keyboards you find are going to be ALPS-based.  The M15 (BS), uTron (Topre), Maltron (Cherry), Cherry Ergo-Plus and Kinesis (Cherry) are not, but they are much harder to find or fairly expensive (or both).


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