Author Topic: Leopold FC660C and FC660M Comparison  (Read 1606 times)

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Leopold FC660C and FC660M Comparison
« on: Sun, 01 September 2013, 18:08:45 »
Because my initial review of the Leopold FC660M was posted on DT, I also posted my follow-up side-by-side comparison of the Leopold FC660M (Cherry switches) and Leopold FC660C (Torpe switches) there, and I will not take up space here by repeating the reviews. For those interested in reading the reviews, here are the links:

My conclusion is that the FC660C is the better board, but I question if its high price and large price difference from the FC660M are justified, particularly in view of the current lack of alternative keycaps for the Topre model.

If the Leopold FC660C had a good and reasonably priced source of high-quality dye-sublimated keycaps, akin to those for the RF 87u or HHKB Pro 2, I would seriously consider displacing my IBM SSK and making the Leopold FC660C my daily driver.