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USB Headers by Grand Sky Development
« on: Wed, 16 October 2013, 21:13:20 »

USB Headers by Grand Sky Development
This is a review on the USB Headers by Grand Sky Development. I purchased 5xUSB-A headers for $2.55 USD and 5xUSB Mini-B headers for $2.99 USD. Shipping was free with the caveat that it would take anywhere from 15-31 days to make it to Canada. Given, the price, I didn't mind that and was happily surprised that they arrived in 3 weeks. Much sooner than anticipated. I purchased these because the owner at my local electronics store is extremely rude and the next closest electronics store sells these for $5.00 USD each!

The USB headers came in the standard bubble wrap packaging. Each component was placed in its own dime bag of matching size. This showed a lot of care in keeping the components separate and preventing damage. However, one USB-A shell came in damaged missing one of the snap edges. That's not really much of a problem.

The components are sturdy and fairly standard. The Mini-B USB headers came with only 4 pins, while the ones from my local store came with 5 pins. The missing 5th pin isn't used and that made it a lot easier to hand solder the wires to the header. The headers from my local store come separated, so you solder first, connect the metal shell and then snap the plastic shell on. These headers came assembled, which isn't too much of a problem. The shells are cheap plastic, but at this price, I wasn't expecting much.

This is dependent on the person that puts it together, so given my rusty skills on using a soldering iron, I was able to successfully destroy one USB Mini-B header and successfully put one together.

For shipping, packaging, I rate this 4 out of 5 due to the damaged header. For functionality & build, it's not a gold header, but it works and is cheap. I give it 4 out of 5. If you want to try making your own USB cables and don't mind the wait, then these might be something worth looking into.

You can purchase these from their eBay store as well. Note that shipment was made as a gift.