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Fragil1ty reviews the Feenix Nascita.
« on: Wed, 05 March 2014, 05:17:56 »
This is going to be somewhat of an in-depth review so it may be a bit lengthy in places, but hopefully you can appreciate that, if not just skip to the parts that you are here for.

I'm going to break this review down to a couple of categories.
  • Shipping and packaging
  • Pro's.
  • Con's.
  • Conclusion
  • Images
Shipping and packaging

Now I should state that this portion of the review is mainly aimed at users who want to get hold of this mouse but they live in Europe/England, so with that being said, let's get on with it.

The initial dispatch of the product is fantastic, Feenix ship out within 1-2 days of the payment being made which I think is very admirable, Feenix uses USPS Priority International which I believe is the middle ground in terms of shipping when shipping over international waters. Personally, I had no issues with this service and it was very good, I got frequent updates, it arrived in the UK in about a week I believe, so all in all the USPS side of things went extremely fluently but once it got into England and through customs? that's when the issues started to arise.

I'm not going to delve into the issues that occurred when it was on English soil but suffice to say it has put me off ever using the Parcelforce services in the future, so be aware that if you want to buy this product and you live in England, there tends to be a lot of messing around from Customs to Delivery, I'm just used to a complete different method of doing things, for example:

Parcel gets sent > Clears customs > handled by courier service > arrives at local depot > card posted through your door saying that you owe charges and you should come into your local depot in town to collect > you take the card, pay for the item, take it home and walaa! but sadly, this is not the case with Parcelforce, so just bear that in mind if you reside in the UK.


There are an awful lot of pro's to this mouse, some of it may sound a little bias but then again it is MY review and reviews for the most part are generally quite subjective.

  • Looks - I think the overall look of this mouse speaks for itself, if you are aware of Feenix you know they are literally the Apple of the computer industry in terms of peripherals. Everything they do has this amazing professional look and finish to it and that's what drawn me into the mouse in the first place, I've wanted this mouse for an extremely long time and now that it's here it looks as good in person as it does on the videos/pictures I've viewed in the past.
  • Design - The design of the mouse is fantastic, it's extremely ergonomic (especially for me), it feels great in your hands and it's just a one of a kind mouse. One of the things about the Feenix Nascita though is that it's quite big, both if in length and in width and this may or may not be a deciding factor you. Myself? I have medium size hands and it fits mine perfectly, but for you? maybe not so much, so you'll have to take this into consideration when you decide to purchase this mouse (if you choose to do so of course).
  • Features - This mouse comes with a lot of features and you'll be able to see all of them if you head over to but I'm just going to go over a few of them here today. It's got an on the fly DPI higher/lower buttons right below the scroll wheel and I believe this is placed wonderfully but this also comes into the con's which we will discuss later on. It has a LCD screen to the left of the left click that shows you the current DPI that you are on. Ergonomic design. Two side buttons situated on the left side of the mouse underneath the curve (see pictures below)
  • Overall feelings - I can't really give any in-depth comparison as of yet, as I've only had the mouse for 2-3 days now, but what I can say is that it's a big improvement over my previous mouse which is the Zowie EC2 EVO but with that being said it does take a while to switch to the Feenix Nacita because of the fact that the buttons feel completely different, the Feenix Nacita buttons almost feel as if they are mechanical of some kind, which sounds really strange but that's the only thing I can really compare them too. I would advise anyone and everyone to buy this mouse if you have the money for it due to the fact that including shipping it set me back around $131.73, so I guess it's at that "high end" price point. I did a 6 hour gaming session yesterday in order to test out this mouse and I did not feel any kind of finger fatigue or discomfort while using the mouse what so ever.

  • Material Used - As stated on their website: "Feenix Anti-Sweat and Anti-Slip surface material provides a comfortable grip." the material used is of very high quality and I can attest to that, but the con here is that over the session that I was gaming to test this mouse, afterwards I could see where my fingers and palm had been resting quite easily and this may not be a huge issue for some, but considering it's a brand new mouse, I wouldn't expect to see the outline of my fingers/palm and the oils created by said things to be visible on a mouse at these early stages, it's not a huge issue, just a small annoyance.
  • After each restart because the 2014 edition of the Feenix Nascita is now 'driverless', I'm not sure if this is an issue with just mine or what, but after each restart the DPI that you were using previously gets reset to it's default (which is around 1600dpi). It's not a huge deal really, but it would of been nice if it remembered your previous settings after a restart considering the price point of this mouse.
  • There are other small little issues that I have problems with, but I'm not going to sit here and get nit picky and pick out every flaw as I think that's a bit pedantic. \


Overall I think the mouse itself is a great investment, if you look after your products, this mouse is going to last you for the next 2-3 years at the very least. I've had my old mouse the Zowie for about a year now and that is showing now signs of wear and tear really, so this mouse being a bit higher quality will last you that extra bit longer. I wouldn't invest in this mouse if you're on a budget as it's not meant for those on a budget. You will not regret buying this mouse but just bear in mind some of the points that I've tried to put across today, so as a re-cap lets go over them.

It's not for users who have small hands, it's not for users who are OCD about having a clean mouse as you'll need to wipe it down after every session e.g. seeing your finger/palm prints on the mouse and that's about it!

Overall I'd rate this as follows:

Design: 9/10
Features: 8/10
Feel: 9/10
Overall: 8.6/10

Shipping: 7/10