Author Topic: Quick first impressions on the Roccat Tyon Gaming Mouse  (Read 1254 times)

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Quick first impressions on the Roccat Tyon Gaming Mouse
« on: Thu, 22 January 2015, 07:53:11 »
Here is my quick first impressions on the Roccat Tyon. I ordered this mouse off amazon since it was out of stock and back ordered everywhere locally.

So here it is:

8200 DPI laser sensor
Thumb paddle
Fin switch
easy shift button
Multicolor illumination
16 programmable buttons in total

Initial Impressions
I can't really say much about the packaging of the Tyon because I sort of just quickly unboxed it to get at the mouse  :D . All I can say is that the box that I comes in is pretty big compared to other mice out there.

The mouse itself looks better in person. Feels really sturdy and long lasting. The Tyon has a sort of matte plastic finish on it that keeps sweat down. The color illumination on it is pretty good and very vibrant, you can choose basically any color you want and chose different ways you want it to light up. Personally, I'm too into the whole crazy LED thing but I found that pretty nifty.

First setting my hands on the mouse itself, I found that it was pretty wide at the rear. Now I use a microsoft intellimouse at work, and it felt a bit wider than that. Maybe I will just need to get used to it. Also I found the mouse to be pretty hefty compared to other gaming mice out there. I'm really used to light mice so I wish there was a way to change the weight of the mouse. All of the buttons were easy to get to. The Fin buttons on the top don't get in the way at all, I had concerns that I would hit it by accident or something but it was fine. The 4 buttons in the front don't get in the way for me and I don't hit them by accident. I found that the thumb paddle was solid and pretty satisfying to use. Now a down side (for me) that I found was that the Left click and Right click were pretty heavy than what I'm used to. On par or even heavier than with my intellimouse, only time will time if I will come to like it.

On to the software. I found that the UI to be pretty dated and annoyingly cluttered. Applying settings to the mouse can take as long as 30 secs. First time saving settings I thought the software had crashed  :)) . Button mapping was easy to do, the easy shift button allows for even more buttons! They even had button maps for certain games so that you don't have to recreate macros from them which is helpful. All in all there are alot of settings that you can tweak and fiddle around for this mouse.

Solid mouse
Assortment of customizable buttons and features
Customizable LED colors
Good button layout

Wide for me
Heavy L/Rclick
Expensive mouse
Software needs some work

Great mouse if you have the money and big hands!  :cool:
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