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Razer Blackwidow Chroma review
« on: Sat, 21 March 2015, 20:07:13 »
So I got Razer Blackwidow Chroma from one Russian reviewer for ~85$ which I think is a rip-off. But anyway here's my review.

1)RGB Backlight. It's very bright, but can be adjustable to different preferences. RGB itself is an awesome feature. You can customize colors to any style you want.
2)Сover. Way more better than glossy one.
3)Style. Keyboard looks like a pretty premium product without fancy stuff.
4)Additional 5 macro keys.

1)Overpriced. Corsair K70 RGB with metal cover and exclusive Cherry RGB Switches have the same price as Razer Chroma. But I got it for 85$ so for me personally it's not a con. c:
a)Quality control in my view are worse, then Cherry ones. One key was sticky(fixed by itself, lol), other have some wobble effect. In general they're all a bit sticky and have more or less wobble.
Still better then Blackwidow 2014 Ultima which I tried to use. It was horrible.
b)Sound. Some of them have a bit different sound compared to each other. And a scratchy one which I can't remember on Cherry MX Blue. Example.

I'm using it for two weeks and I kinda love clicky sound from the switches. But quality and not being able to buy same switch are kinda bothers me. Maybe when some switches will break I'll buy broken keyboard and will replace few switches, but for now I'm okay with this keyboard.

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