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Razer Tournament Edition (Razer/Kailh Green switches) review
« on: Fri, 17 July 2015, 16:29:51 »
This is my first review, so bear with me on any incomplete information.

First of all, i want to say that i have the version without Cherry MX switches, so it uses Razers own Green Switches. These are a clone of Cherry MX blues.

On to the keyboard itself.

Build quality is decent, with almost no flex in the keyboard. It has a black metal backplate which the switches are mounted on.
The back has 5 rubber feet, not including the rubber feet on the extendable feet. The rubber is pretty grippy and you really need to push the keyboard to move it around on your desk.

The case itself is plastic with a matte finish, which doesn't attract fingerprints as easily as a glossy plastic.

The keycaps aren't very good quality, very thin and the printing isn't the best either.
The keyboard uses a non-standard bottom row, so most keycap sets won't fit on the bottom part of the keyboard (the spacebar, ctrl, win and alt keys)

The cable is a decent removable braided cable, with gold plated connectors. While the gold plating doesn't change anything performance wise (there's no data going through the outer casing) it does probably improve the durability.

On to the switches!

The switches, as said before, are a sort of clone of Cherry MX blues. They are of quite bad quality, they vary a lot in feeling per switch. Some feel better than Cherry MX blues, while some feel worse. The switches use Cherry MX mounts so you can use Cherry keycaps on the keyboard.

The software!

The keyboard uses Razer Synapse, a application which handles all the macro editing and key remapping/rebinding. You can also make different profiles for different games.

The keyboard also has a gaming mode which disables the Windows key, and you can change it to disable alt+tab and alt+F4 too.

Those where the more important things. I hope the review was useful, i enjoyed typing it on a mech.