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Nominate-A-Bro: Final Edition

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I know he's a bit of a salty fellow but, he is pervasive throughout many of the community outlets. This means he ends up being the first person that so many folks meet when entering the community. Besides the salt, he will sit there and listen to anyone go on about anything, have witty comebacks, and just generally be a good custodian. This skill is key to making people feel welcome and included in a community that predominately exists online. His humor and salt also help keep things nice and lubricated when things get sticky...

I will say, without a doubt, Zearoh. He moves hell and high water for so many people and he doesn't get nearly enough credit for it. He's one of the major reasons I dove as deep as I did into this hobby and I will never be able to thank him enough for the overall incredible kindness he's consistently shown and all the selfless work he does. Thank you Zearoh, I miss being 15 minutes from you <3


--- Quote from: Michael on Wed, 14 August 2019, 15:40:53 ---3. One entry per person

Pls, and thanks :)

--- Quote from: Taylorisg on Wed, 14 August 2019, 15:37:00 ---Wow, okayÖ so many people have been bros, I donít know where to start:




At the time of this writing, you had an eyepatch. Thank you! I nominate you!




In the year 2037, you just finished writing an e-book about artisan keycaps to moderate praise. Thank you! I nominate you!




At the time of this writing, youíre out there spending your sweet, sweet, Geekhack money. Thank you! I nominate you!


Taylor Swift


Youíre an authentic soul and I love your music. Thank you! I nominate you!



At the time of this writing, you were a member of Brocaps, which is a business, not a person. Thank you! I nominate you!

McDonaldís Breakfast


Iím sorry that I tell other people I donít love you. I truly do. Thank you! I nominate you!




At the time of this writing, you used to live in FL. Itís not notable or anything, I just thought Iíd share. Thank you! I nominate you!


Electro-Capacitive Keyboards


I donít have to solder you and you feel nice. Thank you! I nominate you!


Mother Nature


Youíre crazy sometimes you olí so-and-so. Thank you! I nominate you!

--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

Oh. In that case I definitely nominate myself.

Ritual Master. He is one of the most talented people I know and has focused those talents into amazing art in the form of artisans. He entered the scene with more than reasonable prices and has continued to make his work available to as many people as possible. He truly cares about the people who support him and goes out of his way to help those who have issues. He supports artists, big and small, and is never above helping those with questions about the art form with thought out, detailed advice. He has respect for the process, his fans, and the community at large. 100% class act.

RMendis is probably the most generous, caring person I've encountered in this hobby.  He has one of the nicest collections of artisan keycaps that I've seen, yet he is eager to help everyone track down caps they are seeking.  He is active in all corners of the community both virtually and in person.  He is always kind, never starts or fuels drama, and supports all of our favorite artisan keycap makers.  Most importantly, in addition to being an enthusiastic collector and an active, helpful community member, he is a genuinely great guy.  I hope he's selected for one of these sets, and I hope that one day I'll have the opportunity to buy him a drink.  I'm pretty sure I owe him several.  Cheers.


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