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[WTS] 70x Waldo 60% PCBs bulk


70 PCBs as a bulk sale. Looking for 25$/board but negotiable. Accepting paypal. They are MX and ALPS supporting, solder, RGB underglow boards with south-facing LEDs. See more details below.


Hey guys, I have 70 Waldo PCBs left over from the failed attempt to rescue the Lumina GB (from years ago).

I've set aside a couple of the PCBs for each of the original GB participants that wanted them (for the cost of shipping), and the proceeds of this sale will be divided and sent as a refund to whoever opted in. If you were part of the original Lumina gb, or were owed a one-off by Tes, you're eligible for this as well, please PM me.

The PCBs were created by Kate The Canadian and you can see more info in the projectkeyboard listing.

Comparable pcbs that are 60% with alps support and rgb underglow are going for $34+.

Some specs: Waldo is a 60% PCB that is compatible with most Poker-style and custom 60% cases.

Features: Solder, not hotswap MX & ALPs support USB Type-C In-switch LED (south-facing) RGB underglow QMK Firmware

Supported Layouts: ANSI WK & WKL HHKB ISO Dimensions: 285mm x 95mm 3.4oz

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