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--- Quote from: Aquarius on Thu, 08 June 2023, 03:09:34 ---you know, I'm always tempted to spend gold. it's terrible. i think that enough gold is very important.

--- End quote ---

yeah you're right that interest is really important in the game, but the more important part is knowing when to spend your money. worst move is to mindlessly try to roll for units. a lot of units on your board don't even matter, they're just there for traits. you just need one strong front liner and one strong back liner in most comps, so you should always try to roll for one or two specific things. like for this current 8.5 set, usually it's like, I need to level to 7, then roll for one TF or samira to stabilize my backline, then find garen to put my infiniteam crest on him. you need to judge how strong your opponent's boards are and how strong the overall lobby is, and use that to decide if you need to spend money to stay on top of the lobby. ideally after you finish saving up gold and decide it's time to spend, you should only spend enough money to build a board that's only barely stronger than everyone else in the lobby, but nothing more. it will stabilize your HP so you can save up again and go for your next power spike, like in my example, your next power spike would be to level to 8, roll for TF 2 or samira 2, then save again and just play a 5 cost board.

all right! i'll try it as you've said! ;D


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