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Drink Water

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Eavesdropped on a conversation today.

Guy 1 said,  I am thinking about switching to water, I heard that it can help me lose weight.

Guy 2 replied, That's ridiculous, water taste terrible.

So do both these people not drink ANY-water ? Are there lots of anti-water people like this ?

If definitely a minority but it's larger than you would think. Some people just don't like the taste of water, I've seen videos of people who admitted they don't like the taste of water or used to. Some people use additives like g-fuel to give it a flavour that works for them, some don't drink water and just eat a lot of water rich foods or other liquids like soft drinks and coffee to make sure they don't die.

Found this quora post which has some stuff about it.

At first I thought the first guy was just joking, then realized neither of these people drink water.


switching to water, from what?


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