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need help with numeric macro keyboard


So I want to build my own membrane numeric macro keyboard, but I donít know the name what controls the circuit. What is that big black thing on it? How can I reprogram it? No QMK answers pls, that isnít for this. Thanks!

That black dot of glue/epoxy is so you will never know what's underneath. Electronics manufactures do this to obscure their PCBs/Chips so they cannot be replicated easily. Whoever put that there didn't want you to know what was underneath. I would suggest grabbing a Pro Micro and using that as the brains for the numpad.

Thank you!
So that green thing is a pcb, with a microprocessor under that black cover? How do you program this? How do manufacturers do this?

Correct, the green board is the PCB and the microcontroller is underneath that black dot. You won't be able to program it without some deeper knowledge in circuits and Microcontroller coding. Realistically your best bet is going to be swapping out the current microcontroller for a product like a pro micro or similar Microcontroller (MCU) that already has good documentation and support.

You could try mapping the matrix like others have done here.. That linked thread will give you all the information (outside of a specific step by step) of what it takes to do what you are wanting to do. But my honest opinion, it's a membrane keyboard and not worth the investment and time. If you are curious about learning keyboard hardware and flashing custom macropads, etc. I would just buy this Adafruit Macropad.

It's based off the RP2040, which isn't the most popular microcontroller in the keyboard world, but is gaining traction. Adafruit also has TONS of educational articles and guides here. I am also trying to teach myself microcontroller design. It's a steep hill with very little in the way of introductory projects. Good luck.


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