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Keyboard pixel art things.

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--- Quote from: sharktastica on Tue, 07 September 2021, 18:40:27 ---Sorry for the massive wait! I finally had some time tonight to have a go, and here's what I got.

--- Quote from: kaznai on Sun, 02 May 2021, 06:05:29 ---I've googled and scrolled as much as I can take. Has anyone made a Corne? Specifically the Boardsource "Corne LP"
Not my pic:
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Your wish is my command. I tried my best with this one, but it was too difficult to get every line right and the cable was out of the question for my abilities. Hopefully, it's good enough.

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--- Quote from: superdoedoe on Mon, 02 August 2021, 21:25:43 ---Any chance you're still making these?

Could I get a few

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Most of your wish is my command. I may need some more time on the FLX Virgo.
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As for everyone else, I will not be accepting any more requests at this time since I'm unable to commit to doing more (especially after how long it took to get to these ones).

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Happy holidays get plenty of rest

New to the forums, and saw people using these in their signatures so I tried my hand at some - although I have no idea how to make corners transparent.. (the tofu was the first one I tried to make if you couldn't tell)

Please feel free to use any:
ikki68 aurora pink x ePBT Dreamscape
ikki68 aurora snow x GMK Soyamilk
space65 cybervoyager x GMK Mecha-01 (this one was just a test..colours aren't very accurate)
tofu60 e-white



May as well share the ones I created for my signature.

PSD60 Defender Grey + MT3 Dasher

EP84/KC84 Vintage Grey + MT3 Camillo

NCR80 R1 + SA Retro Graffiti

Curious if anyone's thought to make a go at automatically generating these from a KLE link/data plus a few more settings for color, etc.


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