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Thinking of redoing my desk

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This chair is better:

I can see it would be hard to not have those books around.

What are we doing, moving backwards in time?  Western chairs are the best.  They support your back, and allow you to keep your legs fully extended for greater blood-flow.

Liking Asian stuff for it's uniqueness is one thing... but it's certainly not utilitarian.  I'd have a hard time believing anyone could be more productive with their legs crossed and under them, sitting an inch above the floor, and hunched over.

But again, if you want it for it's coolness factor - that's understandable ;).


1000 books = Google, FTW! :)

When I started learning SQL and ASP.NET VB (the self-teaching way), I bought all types of books (mainly for the ASP.NET stuff, I have always been good w/SQL) for reference/learning.  I tried so hard to use them, but, damn, if Google wasn't easier every time.  It was that, and every problem I seemed to come across never was addressed in the books, it was always some obscure, rarely-used function or procedure that worked-around limitations in the language.  I'm not knocking it by any means, but I have not been able to use desk references since around '93 or '94.  Although, I still have old MS Access, Paradox, Harvard Graphics, etc. QUE reference manuals from way back for nostalgia purposes.

I'm testing different things and this has been my biggest and most successful test of late. Like I said before, I have always been like this and into this stuff. I've been to friend's homes where there isn't even a western chair to be found. Even grandpa sat on the floor in that family. And the thing about these desks is they are small and light enough that I can slide them over my legs to prevent hunching.

I know this isn't going to be for everyone.

What about Asian geekhackers, what do you guys have to say?


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