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Thinking of redoing my desk

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The barest of essentials for me would be a traditional desk, and a good chair. Maybe something to put my books on/in. You have to consider the computers too, unless they are in a different room. Beyond that I don't know.


--- Quote from: bigpook;6767 ---I would still need a chair for my back.The pillow sounds nice but I would tend to hunch over to get to the keyboard. It would not take long for pain to set in for me.
--- End quote ---

Same here.  If I had only a few pillows and the floor, I'd likely choose to lay on my back, pillows under my head, prop my knees up and have the laptop on my lap.

Heck, for nearly a year, this was my "home" setup:

lol, wait till you get older : ) You will appreciate a quality chair and  proper seating. I sit at my computer for hours on end. I make an effort to keep my arms straight, and level with the keyboard. I keep my back straight and keep my head up. So far I haven't gotten any RSI or any pain in my wrists or hands.

In Asian countries, they have chairs without legs that sit on the floor. I don't remember what they are called over there but I've heard them called "wandering monk" chairs here. They even sell them here for kids. I may consider getting one of those. They have real ones on BeNippon for like $70 USD. Check them out, they look really comfy.

As for books, I used to keep a reference library on my desk, but now between the Dictionary app in OS X, Wikipedia and Google, there really isn't a question I can't get an answer to (well, there are, but I don't write about those things), so I've been phasing them out and rarely use them anymore.

When I upgrade my computer this fall, I am getting another MacBook just like the one I have now the latest model. I really like this computer, so why not?

The wandering monk chair can be had here:

I can't see getting rid of my books just yet though. I like having these within reach.


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