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Show me your love for Alps keyboards!

Which Alps keyboards have you loved over the years?
Which ones do you use on a regular basis?
Which ones do you recommend for the community?

I can only wish to own as many Alps keyboards as this guy...

I'm new to the Alps game but I currently have a 1087XM with Clicky White Alps and a Dell AT101W with Tactile Black Alps. I would highly recommend the AT101W to anyone who wants to try Alps out.

My favorite Alps type switch is the Matias Clicky Switch. It will be going into the future GH TKL Alps custom board. Otherwise, I would've snagged a Kingsaver :D


I plan on modding the hell out of my 1087XM. The switch swap is just phase one of my project. If anyone wants to follow my build log, check this thread out.

Techno Trousers:
I love Alps but hate the big-ass enter key. What a conundrum! I've bought some older Alps boards, but I couldn't use one of them as a daily driver. Instead I'm going to harvest the complicated CM switches and doubleshot key caps.

I do have a new SGI Granite 9500900. That is a beautiful piece of hardware for sure. Probably the best built Alps board of all time.

I'm planning to mod an abs M1 to better switches to have a modern full-size Alps board, and hopefully get the Alps TKL project board when it's available. Not sure where to go from there. Maybe I'll close out my Alps collection at that point.


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