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I used an Apple Extended Keyboard II from 1991 - 1999. I have long forgotten how awesome that keyboard was as I have since used rubber domes until last year.

OMG Kingsaver is gorgeous...probably costs $400+

Alps keyboards I've used thus far are a Dell AT101W, Apple Extended Keyboard (M0115), and an Apple Extended Keyboard II (M3501). The Apple Extended Keyboard II seems to be a cult favorite with a lot of people, but I much prefer the sound and feel of the Apple Extended Keyboard (M0115).

One blue alps lover reporting in.

The keyboard I'm using at the moment:

PCB says it is Focus FK-747A, but there are no labels on the case. Switches are complicated & clicky blue alps, except WASD + L-Shift & L-Alt modded into linear/very little tactile and no clicky sound, because of gaming.

The fluffy layout can be seen from the pictures.

I am loving the Alps love.


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