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I've become a fan of ALPS (and their variants). Right now I'm rocking a Ducky 1087XM with black linear XMs at the office. Liking it a lot, plus is way more silent than the green XMs, which I think my co-workers appreciate. Had a red Escape key, but stole this one from my Dell AT101W - I think it looks more elegant for the office.

Here are pics of some of the ALPs boards I've owned (many I've since sold).

Chicony KB-5181 (Monterey Blues)

Dell AT101 (Black ALPs)

Old Logo Dell AT101 (Pink ALPs)

Filco Zero (I modded this to orange ALPs)

MTek-104 (Monterey Blues)

Northgate Omikey (This came stock with white ALPs....I modded it to blue ALPs)

SGI Granite (Dampened white ALPs)

SGI White (Dampened cream ALPs)

Siig Minitouch (Montery Blues)

Zenith ZKB2-AT (Linear Green ALPs)

Zenith ZKB2-AT (Linear Yellow ALPs)

Wang 724 (Orange Omrons)

CPTBadAss: had my unicorn board. I want a Filco Zero so bad Akimbro

Techno Trousers:
Wow Akimbo is definitely the Alps master so far!


--- Quote from: AKIMbO on Fri, 05 July 2013, 15:38:43 ---Here are pics of some of the ALPs boards I've owned (many I've since sold).

--- End quote ---

I was wondering when you were going to put out.

Nothing for me to add except that I have an actual "Alps Electric" branded keyboard (ANSI, complicated white) in storage.

I hate to break it out for a photo, but this thread needs it. Also, somebody crack open some old Apple boards.


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