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I heard this was a thread for alps lovers. 

I'll barrage you guys with pics of all my alps board when i get home tonight.

I usually hate Alps. Too low starting resistance, wrong force curve that always forces me to bottom out. Sensitive to dust and get scratchy. I had a AEKII, DellAT101W and PowerUser 105 whose switches (Cream, Black, White) I have combined to try to find likable combinations of spring, slider and click leaf, but without any luck.

Then I got a vintage Apple Standard Keyboard this week. It has Salmon pink Alps, and I love the feel of them with the Apple keycaps. They do feel a bit like "MX Ergo Clear" or "Panda Clear". Unfortunately, it is a M0118 with a bit of a weird layout. The M0116 has the Control key in the "correct" position (according to me), where this one has a latching Caps Lock.

I also have a Chicony keyboard with SMK "Montereys". They are not Alps, they merely have Alps-compatible keycaps. One of the best type of clicky switches, for sure. A bit like a more tactile, somewhat harder Cherry MX Blue.

AT102W owner here. The ISO (102) layout seems very rare. Black complicated tactile ALPS. Currently looking for a complete ISO set of blank ALPS caps.

Luckily I have an old broken AT102W with about 100 ALPS switches. I'd like to keep a few for when i need to perform surgery on mine (happened under the black caps), but if anyone needs one or two, I could perhaps take them off.


My 1087XM with green ALPS, right when I got it in April. I hate a lot of things about it, but it's the best feeling keyboard I've ever used (at least, until I got my hhkb). I'm considering selling it, not because I don't like it, but because I don't have a use for it. I really do love it, though.

Hak Foo:
When I first got into keyboards, my source was a computer graveyard owned by the local university.

The most common "good" board you could find there was a Focus 2001, for somewhere between 1 and 5 USD if I recall right.

More recently, I got a DK1008XM with green switches; they're nice in their own way, but they aren't traditional old white ALPS. :/


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