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--- Quote from: mohawk1367 on Tue, 17 October 2023, 13:01:43 ---why does everyone else have recycling centers that let u buy stuff but my city doesnt im gonna cry

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Okay so this wasn't technically a recycle center. I left out details for brevity. It was more of a locally owned "thrift store" which almost acts as a recycle center. They take in stuff no normal thrift store would and sell it for dirt cheap, with the idea that hobbyists will have some use for it. Things like small used hand tools, boxes of assorted power transformers, computer wires, typewriters, old video cameras, etc. The owner is sort of an electronics hobbyist so you'll see some oddball stuff come in from time to time.

It's not something run by the city, so technically not "recycling center" but that's very much the intention.

Now, you're in Rochester... I wouldn't make a special trip for this since it's very hit an miss for 4 hours of driving, but if you're ever going downstate using highway 81 and want to pop in, the place I'm talking about here is the Cortland Reuse Center in Cortland NY. They're in the middle of a location change so I'd steer clear until mid November at least, and it's fairly uncommon that I actually find something valuable there (though they've been great for things like light fixtures and other small projects around the house), I just live close enough where I can pop in fairly often. If you do manage to make it down here, keep your expectations low.

FWIW New York does have some recycle centers that let you buy stuff. I went to college in New Paltz downstate, and they had one. Ithaca might also be a good bet, but I haven't checked that out personally.

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i was literally JUST downstate in NYC on like Sunday lol

Oops. Next time.

Most likely you wouldn't have found anything. The keyboards they have right now are all rubber dome. They do have a few electric/electronic typewriters but nothing with interesting switches. It's very much a shot in the dark when they have interesting stuff. Their Sunday hours are also very limited so you may not have been able to catch them open.

There HAS to be a place in or near Rochester doing something similar. That area has to be crawling with awesome old computer stuff.


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