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After today, I wanted to get your thoughts on future sale models. Did you like this format (GB-esque-style) versus the static number raffle-style?

Or do you like first come, first served flash sales?

I think it's hard to tell without having any statistics behind it, but it seemed like nearly in this sale everyone that wanted one is getting one? (aside from the Stripe/site issues)

So I'd say for "getting people da caps", this format worked better. For "having an annoyingly fun, less caps, more hype" the raffle works better.

I like all three.  I've never won a raffle, but raffle and first come first serve are both great for smaller runs.  If you're willing to do more, GB is great.  I can't really say I prefer one over the other since I think each has its own charm.

Edit:  I do have to say I hate the limits on the raffle.  They're always far higher than first come first serve mail sales and always seem to end up with a smaller group of people.  That's just an outside view though and it could be completely wrong.

GB style just like this one please. Sometimes it's not fair to us in the other side of the world as the timing of raffle style will be totally off.

I had been anticipating this sale since yesterday and turning on my alarm for 2am, 4am and 6am, and by doing that, has angered my pregnant wife.

I woke up too late for the Cherokey sale today, but am so glad to found out that it is a GB sale instead.

Looking forward to the caps. Thanks Bro!

Fire Brand:
I would say raffle/groupbuy style today was nice since its a good way to guarantee you get one, which I honestly would love to see for the reapers anyway but I do think for most others the raffle is the best way to go, I do not like FCFS type as most outside the US are (No matter what anyone says) at a disadvantage due to connection :X

But its whatever you think is best, this was really nice though, and would love to see it done for some of your more unique designs or even some of the ones (mainly gamer sets) that seem like they might not take a much time to actually make? (I don't know though maybe they are the most time consuming? o.o)

Anyway this was you today in regards to key cap availability now no-one can say you don't make enough because it looks like everyone that wanted one got something O>O


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