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Question about modding RK61
« on: Tue, 08 June 2021, 13:05:17 »

I'm new to mechanical keyboards and recently acquired a Royal Kludge 61. I'm looking to swap the switches to quieter ones and lube. Apparently I need to desolder the current switches, which I'm fine with, but I'm curious about compatible switches. Can anyone recommend a more silent replacement switch that also accounts for the LED RGB lights? I'm thinking Kailh Silent Browns or Boba U4. Looking for a quiet perhaps deeper sound. Also thinking of tactile switches as I figure it be a good starting point as I'm only familiar with common membrane keyboards and laptop keyboards. Hoping to avoid pricey switches. Just looking for a quieter replacement switches with a good feel to them.

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Re: Question about modding RK61
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 12 June 2021, 15:39:50 »
Hi there,

   As for compatible switches, any MX switches should fit. Since you're looking to LED RGB light to shine as best as they could, then you should be looking for switches that has transparent housing also do keep in mind, whether it's transparent or not, to see if the LED is protruding out or it's flush to the PCB, if it's flush then no problem, if it's not then you should look for switches that can accommodate the LED (they usually put it in the name, for example Outemu Sky V2.2 SMD RGB Switch, if not then go by the picture, see if it has rectangular holes all the way through on the north side of the switch).
   For silence, I'd recommend you to try lubing your current switch first and also to put foam* in your case too to further dampen the sound (this too will often result in a less hollow sound to your typing), with all those done, then see how you like it.
   As for silent switches themselves, I have no experience with them but from what I've read they tend to have a mushy feeling to it due to the rubber dampener that they have to dampen the sound, so if you're looking for deeper sound, I don't think you'll get it in silent switches. I would highly suggest you order some switches that pique your interest first before jumping to buy a whole lot of them for your keyboard, I would also recommend for you to check videos and reviews like ones done by Shoobs on youtube for switch comparisons.
   *It doesn't have to be sound dampening foam, EVA foam that you can get from the stationery will do just fine, you can also do this with bubble wrap for packing.