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Desk clamp arm rest experience?


Hello ergo people,

I like to play and record guitar at my desk, and my arm rests of my chair get in the way of my guitar position. However, I really like having the armrests when I'm typing. The chair (Hyken Mesh Task Chair) is really comfortable for me and I don't really want to spend the money for a new one. I can easily remove the arms from the chair with a few bolts each, and I was thinking of trying something like this: (Not specifically that one.)

Does anyone have any experience with a setup like this? Other suggestions are also greatly appreciated.

foldable armrest chair will help you

I've got hold of a pair of ErgoRest. Didn't like them, but I hadn't tested them for very long.
Because they are on arms made of segments with linkages, they will resist certain motions that go against the axes of the segments, so you'd sometimes have to do a lateral motion to get the hinges to fold to be able to move the arm where you want (if you understand what I mean...)


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